Lantz Yap

Lantz Yap


Lantz Yap is a 2 term exco and life member of the PWS Association in Malaysia. He lives in the capital city of Kuala Lumpur with his wife, Jeannie and two children. His son, Ken aged 26 was diagnosed with PWS at birth. He represented Malaysia in bidding for the IPWSO conference in Cuba in 2019. During the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, he conceptualized the inaugural two day PWS National Webinar which impacted over 200 participants from 12 countries focusing on building a supportive allied health network including funding and sponsorship as well. In the following year, Lantz took the role as Head of Marketing of the 5th Asia-Pacific PWS Virtual Conference in 2021, jointly organized by four national PWS Associations of Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand and Thailand respectively. Lantz has operated a strategic marketing consultancy company since the mid 90’s that collaborates with international universities in the areas of media, event management, youth development and student services. As part of his social contribution, he continues to tap on opportunities to engage with the tertiary education sector to promote wider studies and research focusing on diversity and inclusion within the rare diseases space. His aspiration is to grow and scale-up a social enterprise business model that will embrace the employability of adults with PWS so that it can enrich and create purpose in their lives. For a start, he hopes to bridge the information gap in Asia by increasing PWS advocacy in this region. He believes in IPWSO’s long term vision and hopes that his contribution will add value to IPWSO’s strategic goals.

Lantz has been an IPWSO Trustee since 2022.


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13 July 2022