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Follow the latest news from around the world and the international PWS family.

Supporting PWS events and projects in 2023

IPWSO is delighted to announce we have awarded grants to support PWS events and projects across 11 countries in 2023. Congratulations to all the grant recipients! These are exciting initiatives, and we look forward to sharing more news as the events and projects...

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IPWSO conference 2025

An update on plans for our 2025 conference Our members usually select our conference venue at our General Assembly, however we did not receive any bids to present at the conference last year. The General Assembly therefore agreed to reopen the process and asked for...

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New funding for small PWS projects

We have launched a new round of funding for families and professionals to organise PWS projects in countries where they are needed most. IPWSO is offering microgrants for small projects to support the efforts of individuals and groups who are working to improve the...

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Do you want to organise a PWS event in your country?

We have launched a new round of funding for families and professionals to organise PWS workshops in countries where events are needed most. Thanks to the support of Friends of IPWSO (USA), the Conference and Workshops Committee of IPWSO is able to offer funding to...

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PWS and self-determination

Prader-Willi France held its 25th national day on 15th October 2022, gathering together more than 220 families and professionals. The theme was self determination under the title "What about my opinion?". Two children and two adults with PWS addressed the audience on...

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New PWS resources available thanks to Global Genes

Thanks to Global Genes for this exciting translation project! The International Prader-Willi Syndrome Organisation (IPWSO) is a recipient of the 2022 Health Equity in RARE Patient Impact Grant sponsored by Global Genes. Thanks to this award, IPWSO's project entitled...

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IPWSO’s General Assembly 2022

The General Assembly is the decision-making body of IPWSO, where IPWSO members can elect the Trustees, influence future plans and hear reports from the past 3 years. The General Assembly of IPWSO was held at 5pm Irish Standard Time on Sunday 10th July 2022 at the...

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Could your country host IPWSO 2025?

The General Assembly of IPWSO has agreed to extend the bidding period for potential hosts to submit proposals to hold the 12th International Prader-Willi Syndrome Organisation conference in 2025. This is an exciting opportunity to bring international speakers and...

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IPWSO Support for the People of Ukraine

IPWSO Support for the People of Ukraine The continuing suffering of the people of Ukraine is a cause of great sadness to IPWSO.  We have watched from afar as the horror of this war unfolded and are conscious of the tremendous injustice, hardship, and anxiety that...

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IPWSO was established so that PWS associations, families, clinicians and caregivers around the world could exchange information and support and have a united global voice under one umbrella.

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