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IPWSO Delegates

Each country’s registered PWS Association appoints Parent and Professional Delegates to be their representatives. When applicable, a Caregiver Delegate is also appointed. Up to four delegates can be selected to represent their country at any IPWSO conference, meeting, or function.

What is the role of IPWSO delegates?

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Parent Delegates are the point of contact that IPWSO uses when distributing information, sending emails or requests for action. It is the Parent Delegate’s responsibility to action requests from IPWSO, making sure these reach their country’s PWS Association. IPWSO does not subsidise or pay for any travel, but if circumstances allow for a travel grant, any Delegate is able to apply. (Grants are well advertised beforehand.)

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Professional Delegates are the point of contact that IPWSO – and IPWSO’s Clinical and Scientific Advisory Board – uses when distributing scientific information, or requesting help or advice for a patient in that country, or referring contacts. Professional Delegates do not have voting rights, but may hold their country’s Proxy vote and may attend General Assemblies.  Professional Delegates are appointed by their country’s PWS Association.

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Caregiver Delegates are the point of contact that IPWSO’s Professional Provider Caregiver Board uses to distribute information about residential support. Caregiver Delegates are appointed by their country’s PWS Association.  They do not have the right to vote, but may carry their country’s Proxy vote and attend General Assemblies.

Parent delegates to IPWSO are appointed by their country’s PWS Association to represent them especially at IPWSO’s General Assemblies, held every three years, and to vote on that country’s behalf. Any voting required must be fully approved by that country beforehand and agreed upon in consultation with the Professional Delegate. It is expected that one parent delegate will be present at the General Assembly, or that the country in question will have sent a Proxy vote beforehand.

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