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Individual Grants

We are able to provide grants to support travel to conferences and funding for other items required to progress the knowledge of PWS in your country and support your association and experts to develop their skills and reach. We can also provide financial support and speakers if you are working to organise a conference or workshop.

Grants and funding are aimed at individuals who would not be able to attend an event otherwise and it is always a condition of the grant that the knowledge gained will be used to benefit the wider PWS community in your own country on your return from the event. In the past we have also been able to fund small projects and translations. Sign up to our newsletter so you will be notified of future funding schemes.

Travel & Strategic Grant Awards – IPWSO 2022

With generous support from Friends of IPWSO (USA) IPWSO was delighted to award travel scholarships and strategic grant funding to the following individuals to enable their attendance at IPWSO 2022.
Georgian Apostol (Romania)
Karin Clarke (South Africa)
Gabriela Erazo (Ecuador)
Jorge Estanislao La Serna Infantes (Peru)
Zsófia Gács (Hungary)
Leticia Guida (Brazil)
Lauren Jenner (UK)
Esther Mwangi Maina (Kenya)
Walaa Mohamed (Egypt)
Rebeka Parkanyi (Hungary)
Group of delegates
Family group

Recipients from previous years

A generous grant from Friends of IPWSO (USA) enabled 11 delegates to be awarded IPWSO Scholarships for travel to the 10th International Prader-Willi Syndrome Conference held in Havana, Cuba, 13-17 November 2019.


Juan Carlos Reyna (Mexico)


Jorge Estanislao La Serna Infantes (Peru)


Molelekeng Sethuntsa (South Africa)


Nikolinka Yordanova (Bulgaria)


Denitsa Dimitrova (Bulgaria)


Anil Choubey (India)


Mario Arnoldo Mendez (El Salvador)


Maria Elvira Garcia Ronderos (Colombia)


Zurab Abjandadze (Georgia)


Esther Maina (Kenya)


Sandra Costi (Argentina)


Gayatri Iyer (India), Professional
Asia-Pacific conference, Brisbane, Australia, 2018
Augustina D’Cunte (Argentina), Professional
Scholarship to the PPCB Conference, Munich, Germany, August 2018

Do Thuy Lan (Vietnam), Professional
Scholarship to the PPCB Conference, Munich, Germany, August 2018

Maria Benedekova (Slovakia), Parent
Registration to the PPCB Conference, Munich, Germany, August 2018
IPWSO Scholarships for travel to the 9th International Prader-Willi Syndrome Conference held in Toronto, Canada, 2016.
Marta López (USA/Spain), Professional
Asmaa Chakkour (Morocco), Sibling
Fernando Briones (Spain), Parent
Simone Ito (Brazil), Professional
Neil Gumley (Australia), Professional Caregiver

Do you want to find out more?

If you have a particular project in mind or know of a conference you would love to attend get in touch with us and we can talk about how to take this forward. 

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