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I Say, Me Too!

Our special video, celebrating people with Prader-Willi syndrome and their families.


History of the song

If you have been to an IPWSO conference before you may have heard the song called “Ich Auch, Me Too”.

The music was written by Giorgio Fornasier and the lyrics by Pam Eisen. It was inspired at a conference by a young girl with PWS who didn’t want to be left out. She simply said “Me Too”.

The musicians

A group of professional musicians has recorded a new version of the song in celebration of IPWSO’s 30th anniversary and to mark the occasion of our 11th international conference.

​”I Say, Me Too” is the song re-imagined by Joanna Eden, singer/songwriter and pianist, accompanied by Dave Olney on bass guitar, Nick Barraclough on guitar and backing vocals from Lynne Olney.

Celebrating the lives of people with PWS

Thank you to the families who have shared their photos with us to help tell their stories to a wider audience. We hope you enjoy this special film which will make you think about the many families around the world who are connected by this syndrome and our special community.

Can you support our work?

Our work can only continue thanks to the generosity of supporters like you. Please consider making a donation today, thank you!

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