Tünde Liplin

Tunde Liplin


Tünde Liplin is a mother of 2 children. Her firstborn child, a son, Levente who lives with PWS was born in 2011, and she has a daughter, Panna, who was born in 2015. Her professional background is as a financial analyst. After she graduated, Tünde worked hard to attain her role as lead Financial Analyst for 17 years in a multinational company. But as a mother who cares for a child with special needs, she decided to give up her business career and concentrate full time on her family and building a strong PWS organization in Hungary. She was involved, with 10 other families, in the creation of the Hungarian PWS Association in 2019. She is currently the president of the Association. Her work consists of arranging official affairs, writing applications, organizing and managing volunteer work, and also organizing different types of parent meetings and keeping in touch with medical organizations. Her personal objective is to create an information database in the Hungarian language, and her long term goal to establish the first Hungarian PWS residential home for adults.

Tünde has been an IPWSO Trustee since 2022.


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13 July 2022