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The IPWSO Academy

Supporting PWS ECHO® communities across the globe.

About the IPWSO Academy

The IPWSO Academy supports the development of PWS ECHO® communities across the globe.  We believe that together, by creating knowledge networks and making an enduring call for action, we can improve the lives of people with PWS and their families.

We offer one-to-one consultations on building and implementing PWS communities. If you are interested in developing a PWS conference, workshop, or training such as the IPWSO Project ECHO® programme in your area, and would like support, please get in touch.

The Academy spearheads a movement to drive change. We can help you join this movement and, by joining us, together we can support all people with PWS and their families, whatever their needs and wherever they may live.

How we can help

    • providing guidance on all the stages and processes of setting up a PWS outreach programme with a particular focus on underserved communities.
    • facilitating mentoring.
    • providing access to trusted sources of information and current best practice.
    • fostering partnerships and collaborations that fill critical gaps in diagnosis, care and treatment.

Responsibility for the Academy rests with the IPWSO Academy and Online Events Committee.


We will drive better outcomes for people with PWS and their families by:

    • supporting the establishment of multiple PWS outreach and learning programmes in different countries, across time zones and in many languages.
    • helping existing PWS groups thrive by creating a culture of collaboration.
    • facilitating the exchange of best practice and sharing lessons learned. 
To register your interest email:


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International Community

IPWSO was established so that PWS associations, families, clinicians and caregivers around the world could exchange information and support and have a united global voice under one umbrella.

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Information for Medical Professionals

The latest medical and scientific research and information, plus guides into common medical issues affecting people with PWS.

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Sharing international knowledge among professional service providers throughout the world.

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