Regional Director
Ohio, USA

Mary K. Ziccardi is a Regional Director at Sevita Health in Cleveland, Ohio, where she has been employed for nearly thirty four years. She is responsible for the region of northern Ohio, where over 300 individuals are supported by 400 employees in a variety of residential, day program and transportation services. Mary K. initiated and developed the very first community home in Ohio that supports people with PWS in 1994 and several of the initial people who called this their home thrive still thrive there today. More homes for people with PWS in the area followed. Ms. Ziccardi was one of the first Co-chairs of IPWSO’s Professional Providers and Caregivers Board at its inception at the conference in Taiwan and has worked to coordinate and participate in numerous workshops internationally. Mary K. authored the chapter on Residential Care for Adults with Prader-Willi Syndrome in the “Management of Prader-Willi Syndrome”, 3rd edition and most recently completed updates for the 4th edition.


Posted on

23 October 2020