Thanks to Global Genes for this exciting translation project!

The International Prader-Willi Syndrome Organisation (IPWSO) is a recipient of the 2022 Health Equity in RARE Patient Impact Grant sponsored by Global Genes.

Thanks to this award, IPWSO’s project entitled Developing educational resources on Prader-Willi syndrome for Arabic, Turkish, and Mandarin speakers, has been made possible.

The award has enabled us to translate a number of videos made recently at our international conference into Arabic and Mandarin. These videos are presented by international experts on a range of topics that we have titled, Prader-Willi syndrome: what you need to know.

We are working with PWS China to add the videos to their video platform so they can be disseminated in China.

In addition we have been able to translate a range of factsheets into Arabic, Mandarin and Turkish. Please see our translations page for all the translated guides.