We have launched a new round of funding for families and professionals to organise PWS workshops in countries where events are needed most.

Thanks to the support of Friends of IPWSO (USA), the Conference and Workshops Committee of IPWSO is able to offer funding to individuals and groups who are interested in planning and hosting a PWS event to promote knowledge and awareness in their country or region.

The expectation of the funding is that the knowledge gained at the meeting will be used to further help people with PWS in that part of the world.

To apply please read through the form below and complete all the sections. If you would like any help or advice about the form please contact us at nmcnairney@ipwso.org.

Priority will be given to applicants who:

    • have previously supported people with PWS;
    • present a coherent plan to build on the knowledge gained at the conference to improve the lives of people with PWS and their families in the country/region;
    • have not previously received conference or workshop funding from IPWSO;
    • live in countries in which PWS conferences do not currently take place and where there is little awareness of PWS.

The deadline to submit your application is 31 March 2023.