Has your PWS Association thought about hosting an IPWSO conference? In the past these have been held in the Netherlands, Norway, Italy, USA, New Zealand, Romania, Taiwan, UK, Canada and most recently Cuba. Ireland will host in 2022, maybe you could host in 2025?

The main aim of the conference is for parents, scientists, professional caregivers and people with PWS to share information, meet others, and learn about the latest research and management techniques.

While every IPWSO Conference is expected to lead to benefits for people with PWS and their families throughout the world, IPWSO Conferences can also bring particular benefits to the host country and region.

In light of the ongoing pandemic and the difficulty that this may cause some interested parties in preparing bids, we encourage all potential bidders to contact Nora on nmcnairney@ipwso.org before preparing a bid. We will be happy to informally discuss all relevant issues with you at this stage.

Please refer to the documents below:

Guidance for bidders

Budget template