We recently heard from our contact Zurab (father to Noe, pictured) in Georgia who reported the good news that the Georgian Ministry of Health has made the decision to provide free Growth Hormone Treatment to children with PWS.

Zurab, along with other families, the Rare Disease Center and the Georgian PWS Association, had applied to the Ministry of Health many times for this treatment. The lack of funding has been a considerable source of frustration for the families and they have been delighted to learn that finally the Ministry has approved funding.

Growth Hormone Treatment plays an important role in optimising the care of people with PWS. IPWSO advocates for Growth Hormone Treatment to be made available to both children and adults with PWS. There is more information about Growth Hormone on our website.

IPWSO is aware that many families are still fighting to secure Growth Hormone Treatment and we hope that Zurab’s story can inspire them to keep on going. Let us know about the situation in your country and whether we can offer you any information to support your campaign.

We know that this decision in Georgia will benefit Zurab’s son and his peers as well as help so many more people with PWS in the future.

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