IPWSO is this month entering the latest phase of its development with the launch of its Strategic Plan 2024-2026. It describes the guiding values that unite our organisation and charts an ambitious way towards our ultimate goal of a world where all people with Prader-Willi syndrome receive the services and support they need to fulfil their potential and achieve their goals.

Our Strategic Plan was created following a five-month period of consultation with IPWSO Trustees, volunteers, staff, members, donors and supporters. It organises our work under four pillars.

We will prioritise Building Communities by supporting the growth of new and existing PWS associations and uniting the global PWS community for the benefit of all its members.

We will champion Equal Opportunities by striving for a world where people with PWS have equal opportunities to their peers, and all people with PWS, and their families, have access to current, evidence-based knowledge, treatments, services and support.

We will support Research for all by disseminating research findings in ways that make current knowledge accessible to all and fostering research that reflects the diverse needs of people with PWS and their families around the world.

We will aim to attract adequate and sustainable Funding to Meet Needs to enable us to better support people with PWS and their families, in particular those most in need.

The commitments in this strategy will empower us to remain true to our mandate to unite the global PWS community to collectively find solutions to the challenges of the syndrome and to support and advocate for people with PWS and their families, PWS associations, and professionals who work with people with PWS.

To implement the commitments in our Strategic Plan, we will need your help more than ever. We encourage you to read and share the Plan, to support our vision, and to help advance our life-saving work by donating today.

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