Just over a week ago I started hearing that the schools in Ireland might be closed because of the Coronavirus. I was still very surprised when my teacher told me that my school would be closing that day for the following two weeks.

Since then I have been doing some schoolwork at home as well as some special projects. I also play piano every day. I had a piano exam two days before the schools closed. I am very glad it was not postponed.

I still do my exercises at home and enjoy my usual pastimes.

Last Saturday was my sixteenth birthday. I had planned to go to an Italian restaurant with my family. It wasn’t possible because of the virus so instead my mom and dad made the dining room in our house into an Italian restaurant!

I was also able to buy (online!) the full thirteen book set of David Handler’s Lemony Snicket series. I hope they arrive soon.

I can’t go to visit my granny anymore, but I can talk to her on the telephone!

It sounds very likely that the schools will be closed for longer than two weeks. I don’t really mind even though I miss spending time with my friends in school.

by Louis