European Hormone Day returns for a third time on Wednesday, 24 April, uniting the endocrine community across Europe and beyond to raise awareness of the vital role of hormones in health and disease – #BecauseHormonesMatter.  

Here at IPWSO, we are supporting European Hormone Day to help promote the complexities of hormones and highlight the importance of improving everyone’s endocrine health, especially people with PWS. 

Many people have an idea of what hormones are, but are less familiar with what hormones do, or the actions they can take to improve their own endocrine health. They may not realise the role hormones play in both prevalent and rare diseases, including Prader-Willi syndrome. European Hormone Day, led by the European Society of Endocrinology (ESE) and the European Hormone and Metabolism Foundation (ESE Foundation), is a chance to put hormones in the spotlight.  

This year, the aim is to raise awareness of the small steps everyone can take towards good hormone health. This builds on the Annex to the Milano Declaration published by ESE last year, which included 10 Recommendations for Good Hormone Health.  

Jérôme Bertherat, ESE President, says:  

“While we need policymakers to advocate for the best possible treatment and care, there are actions we can all take as individuals, too. European Hormone Day is a chance for us to share why hormones matter and promote the small steps everyone can take towards better endocrine health.”  

Marquerite Hughes, CEO of IPWSO, says: 

“Endocrine issues are among the core characteristics of Prader-Willi syndrome.  We are delighted to mark European Hormone Day by promoting awareness of good hormone health and why hormones matter.” 


All are invited to help spread the word, online or in person, focusing on whatever topics are most relevant to your community. If you’d like to take part in your community, you’ll find a public outreach toolkit with social media materials covering endocrine-disrupting chemicals, obesity and rare endocrine diseases, as well as the 10 Recommendations mentioned above. Translations of key materials are also available in 13 European languages. 

Find out more and download the materials here: 

#EuropeanHormoneDay  #BecauseHormonesMatter

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