Janneth and her husband are building a farm in Colombia to provide employment for their 13 year old son as he grows up.

Granjeritos de Alejandria is a family business, created by Cristian and Janneth and their two young children Juan Alejandro and María Alejandra.

Cristian and Juan Alejandro both face disabilities – Juan Alejandro was born with a rare disease called Prader-Willi syndrome, and among his needs he requires a hypocaloric diet (low in calories and rich in protein).

Life during the pandemic has been very hard on the family due to the economic situation resulting in unemployment. So the family decided to create their own project.

Alejandro longed to have a farm, it was his dream!

brother and sister

He started with 8 chickens that his uncle gave him and little by little with the support of his parents the farm has been growing. The family reinvest any money back into the business to continue its development, but if they want to improve their income they must develop it much further.

The family is seeking financial support to develop their farm, if the farm manages to grow, the family’s income will increase and Juan Alejandro will receive the diet he needs so badly.

​The family have launched a facebook page about the project, posting videos and photos about their daily life. They are also asking for donations to help them invest in and grow their farm.

The family are currently looking to purchase mesh, bricks, cement, tiles to expand the corral and will buy chickens, feeders, drinkers and food.

feeding the hens

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