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Research on specialist services for people with PWS

Supporting adults with Prader-Willi syndrome (PWS) in the community: do PWS-specific support services bring benefits and are such services necessary?


Research Project

At IPWSO we have often been asked the question: what evidence is there that specialist residential services are beneficial and necessary for adults with PWS? Many of us have seen people with PWS benefit from such services but there is no formal research evidence available to support this. For this reason, IPWSO is undertaking a research project that might help answer this question.

The project is led by a volunteer advisory group chaired by Prof. Brian Hughes:

Brian Hughes, IPWSO Adviser

Lynn Garrick, IPWSO Trustee

Tony Goldstone, IPWSO Adviser

Norbert Hödebeck-Stuntebeck, Chair of IPWSO’s Professional Providers & Caregivers Board

Tony Holland, IPWSO President

Mark Lister, IPWSO Adviser

Craig Moore, IPWSO Trustee

Latest Updates

January 2021

In late 2020, following information meetings with residential service providers from around the world, we circulated a feasibility questionnaire to determine what data service providers were routinely collecting.

27 organisations, who together provide services to over 500 people with PWS, completed the questionnaire.  These providers are based in 9 countries.   We are delighted with such a positive response and very grateful to all of the providers for their interest in taking part in this work.

The Advisory Group has reviewed the data submitted and is now working to refine the research questions and to prepare a data submission instrument and protocol.  This will take some time, during which we will continue to provide regular progress reports.

Many of the providers who completed our questionnaire highlighted specific issues of interest and made suggestions for possible future research projects. We very much hope that this work will be the first of several projects relating to residential care for people with PWS.  

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